About Us / History

First Missionary Baptist Church of Seffner was founded in 1895.  The initial services were held in what was referred to as a small shanty hut covered with palmetto bushes.  The land was donated by the late Katherine McCray.  Throughout the years there have been several named Pastors each of which whom have left behind their  distinct footprint in the history of First Missionary Baptist Church of Seffner.

Today, Reverend Nathaniel Love resides as Pastor and Teacher of First  Missionary Baptist Church.  Pastor Love has served in the Ministry for over 40 years.  Since his arrival in 2007, Pastor Love has implemented his vision of education and community involvement.    Our every goal is to support the community and the needs of the people.

The Ultimate Goal of FMBC is to become the “Beacon of Light in the Community” that nourishes the needs of the people both spiritually and through the resources provided by the organizations within the church.

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